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Why are men hard to Forget First Love?
Published By zandeca on 2011-08-23 1184 Views

For women, forget about first love may be fairly easy. At least more easily than boys. For boys, first love is usually hard to forget. This can be terribly strange.
Have you ever fallen in love first? All agree, definitely the answer "YES". But, do you know that guy is difficult to forget his first love than girls?

All relates to the name of love. First love for a guy who is love out of control. Guys fall in love first as simply unnoticed. What is known, he falls in love with the girl. Although love is in the unconscious, he was moved by the feelings that exist beneath consciousness. Guys do not realize the love that moment. Maybe it could be said blind love, puppy love, a love that does not make sense or a sincere love.

However, this is love (the first) that will move or even affect the life of the guy in the future. Why? The answer is referring to the fact that "GUYS HAVE LONGER THAN Childhood GIRLS ', boys need more time to understand ourselves as well as the opposite sex, while girls more quickly. Differences with girls, while girls know first love and love is not sustainable, the girl is easier and quicker to forget and leave it because of growth (physical or psychological) girls faster than boys. Due to mature more quickly, the girl would be easier to say, "Well, this old love, why we should keep in mind?"

The facts say different about the guy. When a guy fall in love for the firs time, boys are still childish. so when he started to mature, childish memories still exist and difficult to remove. first love for a guy like carving in stone. May be lost but it took a long time, perhaps for years.

Maybe you could forget about first love. But without us knowing it, my first love has always followed us.

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